Don’t Forget These Key Steps of Planning Your Festival

Hosting an outdoor festival can be a huge undertaking that will require a significant number of steps when planning. As you start getting your plans underway, keep in mind these five key features of any successful outdoor event.


While you always hope for the best, it is also important to have a plan for the worst. Consider enlisting the help of security guard services New Orleans who can help you keep order at the event address any serious issues that may arise. While this is a precautionary measure you want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the festival safely.


Every location will have specific requirements, rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. As you browse spaces, make sure that you are aware of any necessary permits and processes that you will need to follow.

Online Platform

When it comes to marketing the event and selling tickets, you will need to have the right host for your sales. Make sure that when you evaluate online platforms, you review fees and the fine print before you agree to use the service.

System for Admission

Especially for large scale events, you must have an orderly system for admission into the event. This is a process that you should consider well before the date of the event, to avoid guests arriving and immediately experiencing frustrating from a confusing or lengthy procedure.

Plenty of Hydration Stations

Particularly for outdoor events, it is key to provide stations for attendees to hydrate. When you have guests who spend significant amounts of time outdoors, make sure to consider their basic needs, so don’t forget to offer hydration and bathrooms.

Planning a festival can be an arduous process, but one that can be a great deal of fun. Get excited about your upcoming event, but don’t let that cause you to forget those key details to make for a successful shindig.