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Can you still afford to eat red meat?

The cost of red meat has increased at the highest rate of all food products 1  – can you still afford to buy it in 2018?

As The South African reminds us, ‘food prices have absolutely skyrocketed over the last few years’ 2.  A nation of meat-lovers, we are now starting to feel the effects. Food costs are rising, and with some regret, sales of red meat in South Africa are dwindling. The impact of financial pressures has, it seems, reached the kitchen table.

A report by Caterwings found that ‘the rise in meat prices’ had led to a ‘20%’ decrease in meat consumption across South Africa last year 3. In 2018, The South African predicts that VAT hikes mean that high food prices are not going to go away.

The daily struggle to keep things going

Fin24 summed up the difficult financial situation that South African householders …