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Everything to Know About Shimming and Skimming of ATM Machines

Most people are focused on dodging sky-high Automated Teller Machine fees and other expensive banking charges. But when it comes to using these machines, people tend to forget to take the necessary precautions to avoid Automated Teller Machine skimming devices.

And because of this, people usually open themselves to financial scams and frauds. Here is how skimming scams work: fraudsters add skimming devices in front of ATMs. These devices look like they are part of the machine, making it pretty tricky for unsuspecting victims to detect which gadgets are compromised. These skimming tools, save the card information of the victim, most notably its Personal Identification Number.

These fraudsters can easily retrieve the credit or debit card information later on. Another standard tool used by these fraudulent people to access their victim’s sensitive financial info is a shimmer located inside the ATM card reader. While skimming has been a common banking …