3 Ways to Measure the ROI From PR

Whilst return on investment suggests a financial return, there are several factors which a company can analyse to understand the success of their public relations.

ROI marketing is essential in a tough trading environment and as the news from winter and spring shows, several big-name chains are finding themselves in dire straits. Don’t follow in their footsteps.

From social media to events, infographics and sharable content, effective public relations can make the difference between barely existing and prosperity.

When considering your PR options, always act positively with the help of a leading PR agency team, this ensures that your return on investment is maximised and every viable communication channel and target market explored. The investment in professionals is worth every penny and should never be underestimated.

Engagement against coverage

Communications must engage the reader or viewer. Blanket coverage with no positive reaction from the consumer is not achieving objectives. Brand storytelling encourages emotional connections, a tug on the heartstrings which leads the consumer to learn more, read blogs regularly, check social media updates. The loyalty increases with the quality of the relationship and the consumer can become a brand ambassador, recommending the brand and products to friends, family and social media acquaintances. Consumers talking about the brand is invaluable.

Advertising is believed to be 7 times less effective than public relations because the consumer is less likely to engage with or believe in advertising. Effective, accurate measurements can be made of online traffic and sales activity and whether customer retention is high.

You can’t afford to be a one hit wonder.


A solid reputation in the market place is fast becoming as important as the financial return on investment with public relations. If no one trusts the brand or feels that it is acting irresponsibly towards the environment, communities, unethically or at the expense of quality or employee wellbeing, there is a huge PR mountain to climb.

Influencers impact

Using an influencer is a strong device for success. For example, a food PR agency team knows that when working with a bakery the brand will attract greater attention if the brand and products are recommended or highlighted via high profile bloggers and vloggers who are considered experts in that area.

Online communities are a powerful force so an influencer with thousands of followers delivering a positive message is too valuable to ignore.

Aspirations to be like the expert play a part in behavioural change. If they’ve been buying Brand X but feel compelled, thanks to the influencer to change to your brand, this is the desired result.

When your brand’s quality meets or exceeds consumer expectations, with an influencer on board and proactive PR, interest becomes sales, the market position improves, and the bottom line becomes healthier.

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