Going Through the Summer Without Air Conditioning

You will be looking for ac repair in NYC pretty fast when you realize you can’t cool down during a July heatwave. There is something about living in this city that seems to make the weather worse. Whether it is extreme heat or a blizzard with lots of cold air accompanying it, something about being in the city makes it worse. Maybe it’s because you are packed into dense buildings with lots of people. Maybe the buildings act as a funnel for the wind and a sponge for the heat. Who knows? What I do know is that it seems worse.

One thing that is worse is that living in a city this big you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting around for someone to show up and fix your air conditioner. It happened to us during July when the temperatures started to soar. We made it through the first part of the week ok, but sure enough the air conditioner conked out long before the heatwave broke. My wife fired up the fans and tried to get some air moving through the apartment while I made plans to get someone out to look at the machine.

The company we went with had a lot of great reviews and even a ringing endorsement from a couple of our neighbors. They used them during a blizzard when their heaters went out and had nothing but praise for their professionalism and cost. So we called them up and they arrived faster than I thought they would. They went over the entire air conditioner and quickly diagnosed the problem, which had something to do with a part in the motor. Not only did they replace the part, they also cleaned the unit so it would be unlikely to break down again in the future. They did an awesome job!