Mom’s Pinched Nerve Changed Her Mind About Chiropractic Care

We went to visit my mom the other day. She likes to cook a big meal for us. My wife and I and the kids all enjoy her cooking, especially the pizzas. We showed up for a visit the other day, and she asked if we could all order takeout. She was walking along using furniture to support her. She was having back pain again. I recognized the same symptoms I used to see as a youth. I told my mom I was taking her to see my Santa Barbara chiropractor right away. She wanted the pain to just go away on its own, but it wasn’t. She had gotten this way a few times in my childhood. She called it throwing her back out. I just remember how much pain she endured when it happened.

My Santa Barbara chiropractor was able to get her in the same day I called. We drove over that morning we showed up at her house, and she was in the kitchen cooking a few hours later. She had a pinched nerve that a simple chiropractic adjustment took care of practically immediately. Mom did not need the painkillers or just sitting around for days unable to do anything.

I had been trying to get her to see a chiropractor for years, but she is old school. Sometimes, that is a good thing, but it was not when it comes to the pain she would experience from time to time. She just thought I had inherited more of my father’s genes than hers, but the reason I always feel so good is because of the preventative things I do, like chiropractic care. After experiencing that herself, she is finally going to start going to the chiropractor on a regular basis too. I know she is going to feel completely different because of it!