They Know How to Use Botox

I located the best medical aesthetics in Singapore recently when I decided to make another attempt to use botox injections. I used to smoke cigarettes quite heavily up until the age of forty and I have the wrinkles to show for it. Some people get wrinkles everywhere, and I am getting some around my eyes, but my biggest problem area is around my mouth. It’s from constantly sucking on a cigarette and the problem has only gotten worse with age. Even though I quit, those wrinkles never went away and have only gotten worse as I’ve put on the years.

I tried botox before, but didn’t like it mainly because the place I went to didn’t know what they were doing and I actually got sick from the injections. I also couldn’t move my jaw very well for a few months. You would think that would scare me away from trying it again, but really if you saw those wrinkles around my mouth you would know why I was willing to give it another try. They really did become quite unsightly. So I decided to take the plunge, but this time I did my homework and found a clinic with an excellent track record.

From my first appointment I felt this place would be different. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, and everyone knew exactly what they were supposed to do and they went out of their way to make me feel welcome. They answered all of my questions and explained the potential side effects I could expect from the injections. I went ahead and had the procedure done and I must say I look like a different person. I had no pain, no side effects, and those wrinkles just melted away. I look twenty years younger! I can’t wait to return for my follow up injections.