Is Posting Bail a Social Injustice?

Civil rights activists have long targeted the justice system as the largest perpetrator of social injustice for minority people groups. In addition to inconsistent penalties for first time drug penalties or criminal convictions, leaders are starting to view bail limits and terms as another avenue of injustice. Former attorney general Eric Holder voiced a broad argument that bail requirements force low income populations into jail.

Arguments Against Bail Bonds

When viewed objectively, the practices of Denver County bail bonds offices and other locations around the county serve to address the needs of those in their community. Sweeping judgement should not be cast upon the entire justice, as bail determination is set by a judge and not a local office. There are arguments about what is considered appropriate bail amounts for low income defendants, with many major U.S. cities opting to implement pretrial release based on priority risk evaluations rather than addressing the financial concern. Others argue that the bail industry is a commercial venture designed for defendants of all financial means to use their relationships and connections to post bail with only a percentage of the required amount actually being transferred.

Bond Alternatives

Still, other arguments favor a movement away from secured bail bonds for assurances of court appearances. Monitoring devices or a fee schedule for those who fail to show up to court might be in the best interest of those who are deemed low risk. These individuals might include first time offenders who have no history in the court or demonstrate a commitment to abide by the terms of their judgement.

Applying for Bail Bonds                                      

For any defendant looking to be released from jail before the court date, there are a few ways to post bail.

  1. Contact and use a bondman.
  2. Pay the sum in cash at the jail or court.
  3. Post collateral with the court.
  4. Petition the judge for release on your own recognizance.