Is Your Car Wash Getting Proper Maintenance?

The last thing your car wash needs is for something to go wrong during the work day. Not only does it hold up business, but it can hit you with costly bills if equipment breaks down or, worse, if a customer’s car gets damaged. Oftentimes, regular inspections and maintenance catch these problems before they surface. The question is: are you doing enough to ensure that?

Preventative, Not Reactive

A business’s performance relies directly on the performance of its equipment; car washes are no different. Keeping on top of regular car wash maintenance is invaluable, but it can easily be overlooked amidst other aspects of running the business. Consider, though: most failure cases come down not to defective parts but to lack of preventative maintenance causing equipment to fail far too early. These failures can often be mitigated or staved off, if not completely averted—and often at far lower cost than addressing them after the fact.

A Multi-Layered Routine

With all the moving parts and details involved, making sure that everything is properly maintained can seem insurmountable. The key is planning and scheduling. Take the time to establish a checklist of everything that needs to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This ranges from simple visual inspections and test washes before opening to more thorough cleaning, greasing and replacement of components like filters. Consulting equipment manuals and suggested maintenance programs from the manufacturer can help greatly.

Consider the Circumstances

No two car washes are completely alike, and this is especially true for smaller operations not part of a chain. Location, local climate, average workload and more all influence the maintenance needed—this even comes down to what kinds of dirt cars usually come in with. This principle also applies to the time of year—frigid winters and insect-heavy springs make for busy seasons. Pay attention to what equipment needs particular care and what times of the year maintenance is most demanding.