A New Microwave for Our House

My house sometimes feels like a restaurant, but I don’t mind that at all. I have four sons, and they all know that their friends are welcome over anytime. That is how my mom raised my four sisters and myself, and I loved everything about my childhood. I want the same thing for my sons, so our house is always filled with people. When my microwave finally died on me a few months ago, I decided to buy a more powerful one to replace it. I found a page that had the 10 best commercial microwave ovens on it, and I was able to pick the new replacement microwave easily because of that.

I looked at each one of the microwave ovens, and then I looked at other reviews of the top two that I liked best. I ended up going with a Toshiba microwave oven because of the excellent reviews that I had read on the site. There were thousands of ratings and reviews when I went to the provided link, and an overwhelming majority of them were five stars. I liked the sturdiness of the microwave oven the best, but it was actually another feature that really resonated with me.

Quite a few of the reviews talked about the actual appearance of the microwave. It looks nice, but it also did not leave fingerprints all over it. That is one thing that I was constantly doing. With four boys and all of their friends, along with my husband, I was always wiping the microwave off because my old one always showed fingerprints all over it. That was not the only reason I bought the Toshiba, but it had a lot to do with it. The boys like the one button touch the most, and I have to admit that I like that feature too!