Getting into the Shower Has Never Been Easier

When I first bought my house, the shower in the master bathroom came with a sliding glass shower door. I didn’t mind it at the time, because I was much younger than I am now. Now that I’m in my old age, I don’t feel like sliding that glass door back and forth to open and close the shower anymore. The door feels a lot heavier than before, and getting into the shower should take a lot less effort. This is why I looked for a company that installs shower doors in Somerset County NJ, because I wanted to have one of those simple shower doors that can be opened and closed with a pull and a push.

I did a little searching to find a good company to put in the shower door, and it took me a while because I had trouble deciding on one. I didn’t think there would be so many companies in my area that would be able to put in glass shower doors, but I guess everyone that works in glass would have that kind of skill available so they can serve as many customers as possible. In the end, I just picked the glass company which the best reviews I could find on the Internet.

The company sent over someone to examine the existing shower doors and come up with an estimate of how much it would cost to do the entire job. Once we agreed on the price, they began working by removing the existing shower doors and the sliding track to make room for the new glass doors that would open and close using a hinge. When the job was done, my shower looked better than ever. It was like I was looking at a new shower in a completely different home.