What Are the Top Characteristics of a Successful Small Business Owner?

Business ownership is a goal for many people because it provides financial freedom and personal freedom. It puts you in control and in charge of your own destiny.

However, the high failure rate of small businesses can make many people wary of even giving business ownership a try. If you are currently weighing your options, it may help to take a look at the characteristics that help make a strong and successful small business owner.

Drive and Passion    

National funding explains that you need to have drive and passion for your business. If you lack these things, then you will find it is difficult to keep the ball rolling when times get tough. However, if you are passionate and driven, you will have the spark you need to keep moving and working because you are truly committed to making your business a success.


You also need to have focus. You need to be able to focus on what is important and let the other things go. You have to be able to see the big picture and know that while the little things may be distracting, they are not important in the grand scheme. You must have the ability to know where to give your attention when dealing with many tasks at once. 


If you are not adaptable and cannot easily adjust as things change, then you will have a difficult time making it in the business world. You can expect many things to change and to be different than what you may have planned when starting a business. You need to be able to easily go with the flow and adapt your plan to reality.

If you have these characteristics, you will likely find it to be much easier to find success in a small business. Moving forward and taking the leap into business ownership might be one of the best choices you make.