Expand Your Business with Servcorp’s Office Spaces for Rent


Your business is growing, and the need to expand your operations is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. For a business owner, this is an exciting, yet somewhat daunting position to be in as you need to take some time to figure out your next step, where you are going to move to and how you’re going to afford this massive change to your business operations. It’s time to decide whether you want to remain in your current location or seek office space elsewhere.

With your business picking up, you might be able to afford the rents in one of the more exclusive business districts. However, lease rates are always more expensive in these areas and the only way of negotiating a better rate is by staying at least five years, locking yourself into a long-term commitment. However, all is not lost, as savvy business owners no longer have to worry about paying a fortune for an office lease and can find affordable, quality office space such as the premium Servcorp office space for rent in prestigious locations throughout North America.

Continue reading to find out how you can lease a professional, affordable, premium office space, with Servcorp.

Flexible Office Leasing

After speaking to your staff and deciding it is indeed time to move, business owners have the task of finding a place that will give a growing business space. Typically, any real estate agent could help you with finding office space, but with an agent, business owners find themselves having to take time to visit multiple sites to see whether the space is an appropriate fit for the business. Then, there’s the issue of making sure the space has the appropriate utilities, cable and other technological amenities. With Servcorp, business owners can take care of all of their needs in one place saving valuable time and money in the process.

Executive suite packages offer an array of amenities that include state-of-the-art conferencing and meeting rooms, leading internet technology, and prestigious locations. Business owners get all of these benefits at an affordable rate.

In addition to the traditional executive suite leasing options, the company’s various packages offer prospective clients other alternatives in office space leasing. If you are self-employed or looking to expand, Servcorp’s coworking and virtual office spaces allow business owners to drastically reduce their overheads and focus on running their business. Coworking lease options allow business owners to share office space with others while having a place to meet with clients, to receive mail and to work in a professional environment without the distractions that might exist at home. A virtual office allows you the luxury of having a physical address and phone number in a prime location while using the facilities on an as-needed basis.

Top Quality Amenities

When leasing with other companies, business owners get an office that might come outfitted with up-to-date technological features and modern décor. For business owners, getting in on a great deal that gives them a quality working space can be either hit or miss, especially for those who are not experts at looking for quality real estate deals.

With Servcorp’s various packages, business owners can find themselves sitting in a luxurious high-rise overlooking any major city. Depending on the setup, Servcorp will provide your business with an administrative staff, a professional standard office space, and top-notch internet technology. In some cases, the package also allows for 24-hour access to the facilities.

Flexible Lease Terms

A major dilemma for business owners is trying to navigate appropriate leasing options. For the most part, you have the option of entering a lease that asks you to pay a lump sum at the end of the month that includes amenities or a net sum where the rent is lowered but they pay for their amenities. Furthermore, for renters to get a better deal, they have to enter into a lease lasting years beyond their actual needs, putting pressure on the business from the very beginning.

With Servcorp, your office lease does just the opposite. While most office space leases ask business owners to commit to at least a year, the standard Servcorp lease is month-to-month. Furthermore, these leasing options are more flexible in terms of relocating a business because the leases are transferable.

Expand With Servcorp

Searching for a new office space to accommodate your expanding office can be exhausting. More than one-stop-shopping, Servcorp can help minimise the overheads related to maintaining an office and allow you to spend more of your time where it matters the most.

For business owners looking for an office space that will accommodate their business needs while expanding, look to Servcorp for an office solution that can move and adapt with your business needs as you take your operations to the next level.