Everything to Know About Shimming and Skimming of ATM Machines

Most people are focused on dodging sky-high Automated Teller Machine fees and other expensive banking charges. But when it comes to using these machines, people tend to forget to take the necessary precautions to avoid Automated Teller Machine skimming devices.

And because of this, people usually open themselves to financial scams and frauds. Here is how skimming scams work: fraudsters add skimming devices in front of ATMs. These devices look like they are part of the machine, making it pretty tricky for unsuspecting victims to detect which gadgets are compromised. These skimming tools, save the card information of the victim, most notably its Personal Identification Number.

These fraudsters can easily retrieve the credit or debit card information later on. Another standard tool used by these fraudulent people to access their victim’s sensitive financial info is a shimmer located inside the ATM card reader. While skimming has been a common banking scam, these information breaches are getting sophisticated and worse, and the devices that criminals are using are also becoming more sophisticated.

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That is why if you are wondering what people need to know about these scams, and what steps they need to take to avoid their sensitive banking information compromised by fraudsters, make sure to continue reading. Skimming tools are pretty standard.

Credit and debit card skimmers are usually associated with Automated Teller Machines. Still, we can also find these items attached to machines in which people insert their debit or credit card to make their payments. These gadgets are very vulnerable, according to experts.

How to avoid getting scammed by skimming devices?

While these fraudulent items are tough to spot, shimmers are almost impossible to detect. Still, people can use techniques to prevent them from getting scammed by crooks looking to steal their sensitive banking information and access their hard-earned money. Here are some ways to guard yourself against ATM fraudsters and scammers.

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Wiggle the card reader

It sounds simple and silly, but since a lot of skimmers are made to fit over the existing card slot, usually just by pulling or wiggling a little bit will reveal that there’s something attached to the actual machine. Legitimate debit or credit card processing devices should not have degradation, so it should not budge, break, or bend when people test it.

Inspect the card reader carefully

If you are paying attention to matching Automated Teller Machines or gas pumps, there is a big chance that you will notice something is not right. Look for small differences in the device’s size and color, the different amounts of wear and tear on the keypad, and other visual differences that may reveal that skimmers have placed on top of the actual machine.

Another rare scam to be cautious of is fake machines that can record the victim’s banking information, like account number and Personal Identification Number, but will not dispense money. There are usually used or stolen ATMs that fraudsters get their hands on. The more people familiarize themselves with the appearance of excellent and dependable ATMs; there is a small chance that they are to be scammed.

Ask the bank or store owner to check their card readers

If people have suspicions that something smells fishy or something is wrong, make sure to tell the merchant or the bank. They are concerned about the safety of their client’s personal information and money as one of their clients, and should always be thankful to check the machines more thoroughly for their customers.

These types of frauds can give businesses a bad reputation if clients are concerned about the security of their information and money, so they have vested interests in ensuring everything is very secure. For business owners, to make sure that their machines are good and devoid of any fraudulent devices, check out banks for second-hand machines or buy ATM’s here to ensure that client information is safe.

Shield your Personal Identification Number when typing in the codes

Scammers and fraudsters can hide small cameras on Automated Teller Machines or gas pumps and record their victims while they are typing their codes. If you are covering the keypad, it should shield your information from pinhole cameras fraudsters installed, as well as protect your valuable banking details from bystanders.

Avoid public ATMs

According to cybersecurity experts, using a machine inside buildings like department stores or banks is an excellent way to avoid getting scammed. The reason behind this is because machines inside the building are less likely to be compromised. Not only that, but it is also challenging for scammers to do their activity inside a property with tons of closed-circuit television cameras.