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Don’t Forget These Key Steps of Planning Your Festival

Hosting an outdoor festival can be a huge undertaking that will require a significant number of steps when planning. As you start getting your plans underway, keep in mind these five key features of any successful outdoor event.


While you always hope for the best, it is also important to have a plan for the worst. Consider enlisting the help of security guard services New Orleans who can help you keep order at the event address any serious issues that may arise. While this is a precautionary measure you want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the festival safely.


Every location will have specific requirements, rules and regulations that you need to be aware of. As you browse spaces, make sure that you are aware of any necessary permits and processes that you will need to follow.

Online Platform

When it comes to marketing the event and selling tickets, …

Disaster Relief: 3 Portable Structures for Helping a Community in Need

Has your community recently suffered a natural disaster, or are you planning to bring in aid for a post-hurricane city’s newly homeless population? Whether people in your community recently lost their homes due to financial need or tropical storm, there are plenty of ways in which you can help out in order to make daily life a little bit easier:

1. Mobile Shower Trailers

Mobile shower trailers are portable structures that house one- or two-stall showers. These trailers can easily be brought into a site of need and used by residents. Several types of mobile showers are also equipped with wheelchair ramps, handrails, air conditioning, and heat. They might also contain toilets and hand-washing stations!

2. Portable Toilets

You might associate portable toilets with outdoor music festivals and construction sites – for which they are used frequently – but they’re also used after natural disasters as well. Whether you’re surviving …

4 Jobs With Flexible Hours

Achieving a good work-life balance is often a challenge, particularly if you have a typical work week. Most of your days are spent on the clock, and you must schedule the rest of your life around it. If you want a job that adapts to your life rather than the other way around, consider one of the following options.


A notary public provides a useful service to people who need to verify their identity when signing important documents, and many of them are looking for someone who has flexible hours to accommodate them. Once you have taken classes to become certified and filled out the notary application Florida, you are ready to go. You can offer your services at a time that’s convenient for you and the people you serve.

Data Entry                        

Many companies need people who enter information into their system for processing. This job lends itself …