Monthly Archive: April 2018

3 Ways to Measure the ROI From PR

Whilst return on investment suggests a financial return, there are several factors which a company can analyse to understand the success of their public relations.

ROI marketing is essential in a tough trading environment and as the news from winter and spring shows, several big-name chains are finding themselves in dire straits. Don’t follow in their footsteps.

From social media to events, infographics and sharable content, effective public relations can make the difference between barely existing and prosperity.

When considering your PR options, always act positively with the help of a leading PR agency team, this ensures that your return on investment is maximised and every viable communication channel and target market explored. The investment in professionals is worth every penny and should never be underestimated.

Engagement against coverage

Communications must engage the reader or viewer. Blanket coverage with no positive reaction from the consumer is not achieving objectives. Brand …

Taking Your Inflatable Game to the Next Level

The process of planning for an outdoor event has many components. Providing food and refreshments for event attendees, lining up entertainment for the party, and handling logistics and transportation are all parts of the complex event planning process. Customized inflatable products can add a touch of fun to any outdoor event, regardless of season. These durable inflatable products combine utility and style into colorful packages, helping to bring the event to life.

When selecting an inflatable product for outdoor parties, it is important to choose ones that are built tough to last the test of time. Leading inflatables manufacturers such as Jumpwithjoy use high-quality materials and exacting construction methods to provide the best possible inflatables on the market.

Inflatable Tents

In the world of commercial-grade inflatable products, few products have the versatility of inflatable tents. These inflatables can be used for many purposes, and are a great fit for any …