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Promotional mailing is used to reach out to a targeted audience. You will direct the laminated mailer directly to the company or individual you are trying to reach by customizing it. This will make it easier for you because all of the information they need should already be included on the mailer, which they can use to contact you. This will also save you both money and time by not having to sort through phone calls to find out that another person has already contacted them about your product or service.

Identification Of A Brand

The main reason you would want to have a promotional mailer is branding. When you customize the information on the mailing, it will be easier for them to identify your company or service. This is very important because they may see other people promoting what you offer but maybe not as thoroughly. By having …

How Data Science Improves Fintech

Both data science and fintech have taken the world by storm over the past several decades. The rise of mobile phones, apps and e-commerce has made finance and technology almost inseparable. Fintech was initially designed to help large trading firms and banks, but data science has made fintech more accessible to entrepreneurs and consumers.

Data science combines statistical analysis and programming techniques to decipher the information at hand. There are many different areas of expertise that a data scientist can hail from, but data science is now becoming its own field. Cane Bay Partners has helped encourage data science education by contributing to the University of the Virginia Islands, which has launched a minor program dedicated to the practice. The increase of data scientists in the corporate world has made financial solutions easier to come by.


Markets and businesses can be very complicated. Oftentimes the more successful a company …

Civil Engineering Construction Basics – The Excavator

Excavators are the cornerstones of projects as far as civil engineering and construction projects go. It is more than a vehicle project manager’s use for excavating and moving large objects. Excavators at the beginning consisted of two primary parts which are:

  • A base for driving linked and in control of a powerful boom arm with an attachment resembling a bucket with teeth designed for excavating. The operator or the driver of the excavator inserts himself into a small cab connected to the base where the controls for the arm are located.
  • The second component is the Hydraulic system that the excavator is fitted with which generates Hydraulic force that moves the mechanical arm. Excavators either come with a chain wheel system or standard wheels. However, nowadays there are excavators with spider like legs that provide better support and stability for the machine when working in unstable, soft and muddy ground.