Ever since BEE became a routine part of business dealings in South Africa,

Ever since BEE became a routine part of business dealings in South Africa, there has been a lot of discussion as to how successful the endeavour has been. There may not have been any official findings on the matter but the consensus is clear in the improvements that BEE has made in the lives of black people. The scale of black empowerment in the country is at an all-time high. Resources that were not available to this group of people is now out there in leaps and bounds. BEE consulting in South Africa is to be given a lot of credit in overcoming hurdles and getting companies to invest in BEE accreditation. It is not an expensive expense on the part of the business.

In fact BEE consulting in South Africa is payable by the hour and they do not need a lot. The only time that consultants will need a fair few hours is at the beginning of the BEE project when they will analyse a company and bring forth suggestions on how BEE should be tackled. This is the only large figure payable to firms offering BEE consulting in South Africa. The consulting firm used initially will need to be kept on hand to handle all future BEE dealings of the company. This figure is much smaller than the initial fee. Bringing on a firm to do BEE consulting in South Africa may be a worthwhile expense but some of this expense can be covered by a government subsidy through SEDA funding. This will need to be applied for and a proposal sent forward showing proof of the company’s decision to become BEE.


Firms offering BEE consulting in South Africa are adept to handling these and keeping with the progress of the company receiving their money. This cannot be offered by firms offering BEE consulting in South Africa if the company leaves the project to be handled at a later stage. This is not the only way that a company will lose out by not having a BEE status. The status has become so important in business in recent years. A company cannot even consider applying for tender without being BEE accredited and can count to not be included at both a buyers and suppliers level.

Companies will simply not want to deal with a non-compliant business because they in turn, will lose out on BEE points. Even the black representation codes have financial stipulations within itself. For points to be earned on black leadership of a company, it is more than just awarding a black person with a management role. They have to be rightly compensated as well. Firms doing BEE consulting in South Africa will ensure that the company has the right people in place before applying for accreditation. Another code will see the company’s social responsibility being analysed. Money will have to go towards building up the country and the people who need it the most. The number of points are determined here, by the amount of black people benefiting.