I Have Found a Nice Job

It is a little bit better than I would have expected to be honest and I am making a whole lot more money than I am used to. Of course since they sent me home from college I have had a lot more spare time than I would have thought and I can easily do my school work at night or early in the morning. Then I can go with my neighbor and help him do HVAC installation in Brooklyn. He got me the job for a strange reason, he wants me to steal his daughter away from this guy he hates. It is like the plot from some movie. I suspect he knows that I would not really object to the premise and he does not think that I have a girlfriend. I do think that his daughter is quite attractive and I would be quite happy to take her out if she was willing. I do have a girlfriend of sorts, which is to say I was dating this girl when I was in college and I am not really sure if I do or not right now.

The work can be pretty physical, but it is not as though I am not a pretty strong young man. It would almost certainly be a good deal harder if it were in the summer time. You spend a good deal of time in attics trying to install the component that they call an air handler and if it was 90 degrees outside, then it would probably be a great deal hotter up in the attic. That was the least fun part of the job. I am going to go and get myself one of those flashlights that are mounted on a headband just for that part of the job. You need both hands.