Install Wire for Bird Control

Bird pest control is a common issue in urban and rural areas. Some birds are protected by the government, including disturbing their nesting, so preventative measures are often the best solution. Bird wire installation is one physical, non-chemical, method that will hinder birds from settling on structures. Birds Beware! is an example of a company that provides wire installation. Pigeons, swallows, geese and seagulls are among the many birds that can be managed by professional companies. Federal structures in particular can benefit from professional services because they are federally approved. They can also assist with bird dropping clean up, which if found in large amounts may be considered unsanitary by federal inspectors. Birds droppings are not only unsightly and smelly, but the composition is acidic and will degrade the material it rests on. The wear on the structures may not be apparent, but they can lead to tertiary consequences (e.g. leaks from damaged roofing). The droppings also play host to parasites that can contribute to other infestations like roaches and cause human health concerns. Bacteria may spread to human beings, leading to loss in worker productivity, sanitary concerns for food industries, and poor relations with customers when people become ill. Birds may seem to have the advantage with their wings and nimble bodies, but they are easily discouraged by barriers. Wire is a barrier installed on ledges, roofs or railings that cause balancing issues for the bird. The wire is weather resistant, resulting in lower maintenance costs and repairs. They are not easily noticeable, so they will not detract from the architecture of buildings, and will even protect buildings composed of acid prone materials like limestone. Prevention is the best method, and wire installation is an easy to install method that is also humane. It is also supportive of federal, state and locals laws that protect animals while protecting people and structures.